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Pinlock has been collaborating with Shark by supplying its world renown fog resistant insert lenses for Shark’s wide range of motorcycle helmets. Pinlock offers a wide selection of fog resistant insert lenses for Shark Helmets. The range of insert lens options includes the Pinlock 70 performance level lens, coloured lenses, 100% Max Vision and ProtecTINT.


Pinlock offers 3 different performance levels for its insert lenses to combat fog during challenging climate conditions to ensure your safety and comfort. For Shark Helmets the Pinlock 70 is available.


6D provides riders with superior safety helmets from both a technological perspective and a design perspective. Helmet safety is an all-important technology in the motorcycle world, but one that has been based off of the same design for quite some time. 6D Helmets seeks to break this mold, by introducing a new type of energy dispersion. In essence, they have created a unique six-dimensional suspension to protect riders heads better.