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The performance level is used to describe the level of fog-free clearance that the Pinlock® fog resistant lens provides. Pinlock offers three different performance levels in the range of Pinlock® fog resistant lenses: Pinlock® 30, Pinlock® 70 and Pinlock® 120. This enables every motorcycle rider to enjoy a clear and fog-free ride.


Pinlock® 30

The Pinlock® 30 is our entry level fog resistant solution that offers efficient clear vision while riding. The Pinlock® 30 is available in one fit and fits Pinlock® 30 prepared helmets only.


Pinlock® 70

The Pinlock® 70 fog resistant lens is enhanced with stronger fog resistant properties that increase the fog free endurance of the lens. All Pinlock® 70 lenses are made in a custom fit design, that ensures better fog resistance coverage.


Pinlock® 120

The Pinlock® 120 fog resistant lens is the solution for professionals. This Pinlock® lens is especially developed for usage in high demanding conditions such as the racetrack or adventure riding. The Pinlock® 120 lens is used by professional riders in motorcycle racing series.