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If your Pinlock® lens does not seal all the way around the inside of your visor, the adjustment of your pins might help you solve this. Over sustained periods of use, the Pinlock® fog resistant lens may shrink slightly. The pins can be turned to prevent the loss of the correct sealing of the Pinlock® lens by shrinkage. The Pinlock® pins have an eccentric design to adjust the tension on the Pinlock® lens.

When installing a new Pinlock® lens, make sure that the indicator (the little arrow) of the pin is facing outwards. If your Pinlock® lens is not in optimal contact with the inside of the visor, you can turn the pins more inwards. This reduces the distance between the pins and would apply more pressure on the lens. All of these measures are to ensure that the lens always has a full sealing to the inside of your visor. Does the lens not make a full seal with the visor while the pins are at maximum tension? Feel free to contact us at info@pinlock.com.