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Road Trip:

Trollstigen, Norway

21 April 2017Explore

Endless hills, cliffs, and crystal clear lakes. Today road trip Friday takes us to Norway. The northern-most part of Europe is the land of fjords, mythology, and glaciers.



For our trip, we chose a short intense trip in ‘Møre og Romsdal’, a picturesque part of Norway on the shores of the Norwegian Sea. The famous Trollstigen on highway 63 is the centerpiece of our trip.

The Trollstigen (or road of the trolls) opened up over eighty years ago and has since been steadily improved and made more secure. The road winds its way between three mountains and has an elevation of 850 meters (2790 ft). It features eleven hairpin turns and many twists and turns. The road has attracted tourist and motor enthusiasts from all over the world.



The trip we laid out takes you from Molde in the north to Ålesund in the west. The trip can be done in one day and is only 200 km (124 miles) long. It does, however, take a few hours because of the difficult pass of the Trollstigen.

The trip starts in Molde, a small town with a small airport. All the way to the bay at Langfjorden you can cruise along the coast.
A ferry can bring you to the other side of the bay for a small fee. You can follow route 63 all the way to the foot of the Trollstigen. At the foot of the Trollstigen, there is a visitor center, with a restaurant. Allowing you to relax right before or after your engage the pass. 

After the pass, the trip takes you along the coast, westward. The destination, Ålesund is a popular tourist attraction because of the picturesque scenes. 

<iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=1vObTEbpBovHbVpyDKsY45jYbXlA" width="933" height="480"></iframe>


Norway is known for its well-maintained roads. This is especially impressive if you think that the roads need frequent service with the large variation in temperatures. Trollstigen is no exception, the road is well traveled but it can handle it well, thanks to constant maintenance.

As with all other road trips, check the weather before you head out. Rain can make the road treacherous and if it freezes, the local authorities close the road. This can happen in the summer too.

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Youtube user Timo Raatikainen made the trip in 2014.